M.H.I purchased the Steady Strap this year as an economic, easy and effective option to improve my accuracy for longer range shots. On November 17th I had a target buck and multiple other bucks running a doe through a CRP field. The Steady Strap was instrumental in keeping me steady when my nerves were not. When the opportunity presented itself I was able to make a solid heart shot on my biggest buck to date. He ran 35 yards and fell over. You can be sure the Steady Strap will be in my pack from now on. Thanks!


NC-HunterI just wanted to let you know I used the Steady Strap earlier this week with my climber. The Western NC gun opener was this past Monday so it was the first time I could use it. As you can see from the photo it came in quite handy. I love the ease of always having it and the flexibility it provides with various situations.

NC hunter

As we approach the 2016 gun season here in Wisconsin, I just had a thought.
"Where is my Steady Strap?" I have since located it and packed it in my gear bag. I will never gun hunt from a tree stand without one. 2015 was my first year using the Steady Strap. Of course the Steady Strap didn't bring in the buck and put him in front of me. But it did allow this trigger panicky, buck feverish, overly excitable hunter to remain steady for a perfect heart shot.
Sold for life!


I've always thought there should be a good tree stand rest. Big necessity was it being able to swing 360 degrees. In the past I've improvised by using the slack of my safety strap, tying string between branches, tying a string above my head to the tree and wrapping around my hand, and passed up shots because I didn't have a proper rest! (Opener 2015 on a beautiful buck) I just purchased a bipod for future hunts out west, and decided to look up a tree stand rest again.

Sifting through the photos I found one of your strap. I instantly saw the possibility it possessed, and could not find anything like it. I can't believe people would use a mounted bracket that the gun sits in. There is not enough movement, as it seems 97% of the time they end up behind your tree! And you have to adjust quickly to find the hole through the thick brush, going up and down, spinning all around.


The photo called it the Steady Strap, and with a quick search I was at your site. As soon as I watched the videos there was confirmation this would do exactly what I was hoping for. I'm looking forward to receiving it and testing it out. It is the prototype that I was envisioning in my head for a tree stand rest.

Bonus points, it made right here in Milwaukee!

If you use a tree stand for rifle hunting then you have to have one of these. I tried it today and it steadies you at all angles standing and sitting. Can you say Sniper! Nice

Hunter in NY

This strap ,looks to be simple genius. I normally bow hunt, but when I do take my rifle the issue of a rest has been a problem in my climber and the occasional open ladder stand. A mono pod or bi-pod is very awkward in these tight spaces and if they hit against the metal stand and the sound gives you away. I looked at all the ridiculous, large metal solutions for sale and they are a heavy, expensive and overly engineered vs. your simple, versatile solution. I just ordered one and can't wait to try it out!

Lee from Alabama

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