The concept for the Steady Strap was developed in 2013. I was hunting at the edge of a long 400 yard field and was sitting in a hang-on tree stand. The deer were really moving! The majority of the deer movement was on the right side of the tree stand at a distance of approximately 175 yards.

My doe tag was filled so I was just looking for a nice buck. To pass time I was placing my scope on the deer in the field and noticed that I could not hold steady enough to make an accurate shot! If a trophy buck would have stepped out I would not have been able to make an ethical shot!

I was quickly thinking of ideas that I could use to steady my aim. As I glanced back at the tree I noticed that there was extra strap hanging down from my safety harness vest. It was at that moment that the concept for the Steady Strap was born!

I developed the Steady Strap and used it during the 2014 & 2015 gun deer season. With the use of the Steady Strap I was able to harvest 2 nice bucks, and 2 does. The Steady Strap enabled me to make shots through narrow openings in the trees and make some long yardage shots!

The Steady Strap has become a favorite choice for hunters who use tree stands for the following reasons:

  • It’s portable and compact and can fit in your coat pocket. You can take it wherever you decide to hunt.
  • It’s quiet. No more clanky, and clumsy metal contraptions!
  • You can shoot all around the tree. You can shoot standing or sitting and at any angle.
  • It helps eliminate flinching and the negative impact of trigger yank.
  • It allows you to hold on target with ease and effortlessly move with the animal until the animal presents the ideal shot.

So do yourself a favor and pick up a Steady Strap and MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT!

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Make Every Shot Count

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