The most simple and easiest to use treestand gun rest consists of two rot resistant straps.   The cinch strap is a 6 foot strap with a buckle that is designed to attach to the tree.   The Steady Strap is a 4 foot strap with 5 hand loops evenly spaced along the strap.  The loops are designed to provide shooting stabilization at different angles and distances.

To use the Steady Strap you place the cinch strap through an end loop and secure it to the tree.   The buckle should be positioned on the left side of the tree and the loop should be centered on the front of the tree. The strap should be installed at head height when standing on the tree stand platform or on the ground next to a tree.

The Steady Strap creates a three point brace for the hunter or shooter. The hunter places their hand in a loop and then on the forearm of the firearm.  When the hunter takes aim they place the butt of the firearm on their shoulder and their hand with the loop on the forearm of the firearm.  The hunter simply pulls on the strap and creates a three point brace which consists of the tree, shoulder and forearm.

This Steady Strap will help hunters harvest more game ethically, by improving their accuracy.

Make Every Shot Count!

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