Steady Strap

Make Every Shot Count

The  Steady Strap is the most compact & portable rifle rest for tree stands. 

A Few Words About Steady Strap

The Steady Strap is the most compact & portable rifle rest for tree stands. This hunting accessory fits in your coat pocket. The Steady Strap is the most effective tree stand shooting rest on the market and provides 360 degree shooting stability.

  • 360 degree shooting stabilization
  • The most compact & portable gun rest for tree stands
  • Much more versatile than a shooting stick or shooting rail
  • Works with ladder stands, climbing stands, hang-on stands, and all other treestands: ; API, Summit, X – Stands, Muddy, OL’ Man, Ameristep, Big Game, Lone Wolf
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates arm fatigue & shakes
  • Hold on target with ease for as long as it takes
  • Better shot placement- Quick, clean kills

Make Every Shot Count!


Use as a Gun Rest

The most compact, simple, and easiest to use treestand gun rest

Use as a Game Drag

Steady Strap doubles as a game drag device.  Nice!



What Our Customers Say

M.H."I purchased the Steady Strap this year as an economic, easy and effective option to improve my accuracy for longer range shots.  On November 17th I had a target buck and multiple other bucks running a doe through a CRP field.  The Steady Strap was instrumental in keeping me steady when my nerves were not.  When the opportunity presented itself I was able to make a solid heart shot on my biggest buck to date.  He ran 35 yards and fell over.  You can be sure the Steady Strap will be in my pack from now on.  Thanks!



M.H.I just wanted to let you know I used the Steady Strap earlier this week with my climber. The Western NC gun opener was this past Monday so it was the first time I could use it. As you can see from the photo it came in quite handy. I love the ease of always having it and the flexibility it provides with various situations.

N.C. Hunter

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Make Every Shot Count

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